IB: Older TWSes no longer work as of today?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mtzianos, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Today, my PCs which run "older" (i.e. not the very latest "bleeding-edge") but the previous version (current file tws40_install_prev.exe from IB's website) WON'T WORK ANYMORE.

    Just checked TWS 853.8 (Nov05) and 851.9
    all PCs have Java 1.5.0_04

    They won't download open positions data from IB and I can't place new orders (even to close existing positions).

    Clicking "Account" gives error message "The download is proceeding. Please check later" indefinately.

    PS: Btw latest bleeding edge TWS won't run on my WinNT4 PCs, it gets stuck at "Login" prompt after giving username/pass

    Unreal, for years, people have been literally begging IB to simply offer a stable stripped-down TWS for API use...
  2. jebara

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    Make sure you upgrade your java version, you are a couple releases back. I think there on 6 version B. It is a shame that they just dont make a real program without java. Most people are using winxp so they dont need to make versions for other os'es that java offers.
  3. Sorry as I am to read about your problems, IB did sent out messages to warn you about this...
  4. Xenia


    "Download Proceeding" happens a couple of times per year. It is independent of your
    TWS version. Verification: 2 accounts on the same PC may result in one account ok
    and the other account stuck.
  5. Atlantic


    i use version 851.9 along with java 1.4.2_05 - no problems here.

    always using the latest version right from the start is not a good idea anyway - even more if one doesn't need all those "features".
  6. make sure when you install the new version you delete your old desktop icons and use the new ones.
  7. Thanks Xenia,

    After trying all TWS/Java/OS combinations, it seems that the problem is at IB (and not my local configuration).

    I just tried with TWS 854.4 (very latest) and Java 1.5.0_06 (2 patchlevels above what I had) and it still won't download open positions / account info from IB or let me place orders.

    I opened a ticket with IB 1hr ago, but the collective experience in this forum is hard to beat.

    Let's see what happens.
  8. geringer


    I had just the opposite experience today.

    After rebooting last night I was promptyed for the new TWS download. I installed it and could not log in today.

    (the login window appeared and just stayed there after userid password...no TWS)

    The IB site status said everything was okay.

    I just installed the back level version and now I am logged in.
    Build 853.8

    I think maybe the new build has a problem.
  9. cvds16


    I have the same problem
  10. BKuerbs


    There is a known problem with the shortcut icon on your desktop: delete the old one before upgrading.

    The new version needs a different start-up string.

    Maybe this is your problem.


    Bernd Kuerbs
    #10     Dec 9, 2005