IB offers Reuters BridgeChannel

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by riskarb, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. "As of February 1, 2006 Interactive Brokers will be offering Reuters BridgeChannel real-time streaming news as an add-on service at a discounted Reuters group rate. For $100 per month, you will receive the entire Reuters Professional BridgeChannel Equities Package B which includes Reuters streaming news from around the world as well as Reuters US market data, analytics, and charts. For those who require instantaneous streaming news, this package is the standard for the industry."
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    I'm not sure this is such a great deal as it is browser based. You can get Bridgestation from www.equis.com badged as Metastock Quotecenter for $135 a month. That is a standalone quote and charting terminal. Though you will have to pay the exchange fee again. IB should offer Bridgestation without the exchange fees.
  3. Perhaps they will offer various pkgs like this. Offer a discounted group rate and cover exchange fees. The Possibilities are endless.
  4. They are covering US exch fees.

    The Reuters US newsfeed is an add'l $65/month from Metastock: