IB offering gateway access (API without TWS)

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  1. From the beta notes for TWS 9.04:

    Alternative Access for API

    API customers can now elect to run the IB Gateway access method instead of TWS to connect their API with the IB trading system. The gateway supports the same functionality as TWS, but does not include a graphical user interface and consequently uses approximately 40% less system resources. API users can elect to run TWS when they want to view and manage API orders, or the IB Gateway when they have no need for the TWS interface.

    Access the IB Gateway the same way you would the TWS; download and run a standalone version if you prefer to upgrade versions manually, or use the browser-based version from the Login menu to run the current production version.

    Go to:


    Click on beta notes. I'm surprised they aren't announcing this.
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    That's interesting, but I'm not sure what the benefit would be except for less resource utilization. Computer hardware is *very* cheap these days.
  3. Less updates? I mean, the UI has a lot more code to update. With a little stabilization, the gateway product should require a lot less updates.

    And possibly does not open a dialog saying "update now" and not forwarding any data until someone clicks on it ;)
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    That's very interesting news. I makes it easier to run multiple systems and then just monitor from one console (i.e. TWS).

    I'll definitely check it out
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    it was there yesterday. today it is gone ... lol
  7. Their latest TWS releases broke the net proxy support which is something that affects me. I currently have a ticket open with them about this. I suspect their release plans are a little screwed up right now.
  8. So what's new?? :D

    In all seriousness they have stabilized it quite a bit lately while still introducing new features. I never thought they'd get their act together....
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