IB: ocaGroup size limitations?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by vikana, May 2, 2006.

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    I tried posting this at IBs support site with no success, so let me try here where the experts seems to roam:


    For IB: Are there any server side limitations on the length of an OCA group? Specifically, is there a SERVER-SIDE length limit on how many characters are included in determining if two OCAgroups are identical?

    Background: I auto generate orders with several systems. Even though I don't use the OCAGroup directly, I encode system, symbol and time into the OCA field to let me bette track things in RT. All OCAgroups are therefore different, but for some of the long system names the OCA group is identical for the first 25 characters or so before they start to differ.

    I have now twice experienced that the SERVER-SIDE considered an order cancelled due to an OCA cancel (as if for instance one half of a bracket order was cancelled), while TWS did not consider the order cancelled (order was still green after the close for an MOC order). According to tech support an OCA cancel was processed on the server, even though all orders have DIFFERENT OCAgroups (beyond char 25 or so).

    I'm shortening my OCAGroups starting May 1, but would like to hear if there is such a limitation.

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    no such limitation on the server side.
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    too late to edit... read this wrong. no hard limitation on # orders. I'll check in regards to string length.