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  1. minimi


    Based on your observation on IB's actions on Elite Trader boards, Which one of the following estimations do you think likely to be true?

    foot note:
    option 3 means 11-40
    option 4 means 41-50, 50 the most.
  2. just21


    On a profit divided by number of employees basis it is probably one of the most profitable securities comapnies in the world.
  3. ktm


    It is more than 50. What is your point? Why ask what people think? The fact that you feel that a simply obtainable fact is something that should be the subject of yet another poll further proves your immaturity.

    ET people have wasted a lot of time reading your drivel.
  4. Momento


    I have been to the Canadian "headquater", and i was amazed at how much money that little office deals.

    800 sq ft. offce
    ... 4 people. (i say people cuz i am not sure if they were all employees.)
  5. You just won't rest until you and your aliases (qdz1,2,3,4,5. .10. .15. .20...) have totally trashed IB's reputation in these forums.

    Simple minds, simple polls.
  6. minimi



    What are you talking about, Techie? I don't know if QDZ is trashing IB or not. But I know I am not. Maybe it is people like you want to do what you said.

    I post some topic about IB from time to time just because I am interested in IB and have affection to them.

  7. get a life dude ...


    IB is huge ....

    maybe the small retail specs only deal with

    a few dozen people in USA

    but they have traders around the world
    and offices around the world too
  8. def

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    Ridiculous poll which I assumed most would just ignore. Minime since you have such an affection for the company, why start a poll instead of PM'ing me or sending a mail to the help desk with the simple question. Better yet, why not read the web site.

    For the record there are about 500 people worldwide and yes, on a per trade basis we might be the most efficient trading firm and brokerage in the world.

    Momento, don't get fooled by the small number of people in the Canadian office. As we are regulated in Canada, we must maintain an office. Most of our support - including programming comes from our Greenwich, CT office.
  9. Momento


    Thanks Def. :)
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