IB Now Needs Passport or Drivers License?

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  1. I've had an account with IB for 20 years. Now I need to send in these docs?

    Where did this come from? Don't like it... :mad:
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  2. Same.
  3. Got this message from IB:

    Dear Client,
    Changes were recently made to your account U****. To proceed with the changes, please submit copies of documents verifying your identity. This step is required by regulation and involves confirming those identity categories (e.g. name, address, taxpayer ID) through the receipt of a corresponding document type.

    I've made no changes. Is somebody screwing around with my account, or did IB make changes from new regulatory BS? Anybody else get this?
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    What happens if you have neither.
  5. This has the look and feel of yet another regulatory change. I'll probably just ignore it until the messages get more threatening...
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    What did you submit before then? I've always had the requirement of national ID, driver's license or passport. I've sent probably 15 copies over the years, lol.
  7. Unless you can come up with some form of ID that satisfies the broker's requirement to verify you... you may not be able to open an account.

    I once had to send photo ID of driver license in a selfie, a copy of credit card statement, and a copy of a utility bill to verify my address. Sounds like overkill, but they wouldn't let me open an account unless I complied with all that.

    Financial institutions are under greater regulation than ever to "verify your customer"... Supposedly to prevent money laundering??
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  8. Same here. I had them request a copy of my passport multiple times. In order not to confuse them I made sure that each time I sent in the same jpg file.
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    Does not cost any effort to email a copy of your DL or passport. Why all the stomping and kicking....?

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    Same here. I never found it annoying given that some other brokers ask to send some stuff by regular mail, mind you...

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