IB not going to give NYBOT access...!?

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  1. I thought IB would implement access to NYBOT until end of Feb. 07. However, recently (Friday), I heard that the management decided, after reviewing the whole thing, they will not trade Nybot products at this time, until further notice.

    I do not really care about Nybot, but why this change in policy ? A few years ago IB was quickly adapting lots of markets, nowadays all new developments seem to take ........ rather long.
  2. Do you mean the pit or on ICE? IB said they plan to have NYBOT softs on ICE by the end of Feb 2007. No plan for the pits though -- why go there and get robbed?
  3. Plans for Nybot on ICE were cancelled, from what I heard.
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    If I might ask, you heard from whom/where? The management?

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    it was declined in IB poll.
  6. Dude you need to read the (not so) fine print:

    Strongly suggest NYBOT and ICE contracts to be added to the product list.

    IB Comments: NYBOT probably not. If NYBOT links up to a larger exchange then we will offer their products. ICE is already available (under exchange name IPE).

    Read the other threads on ET about NYBOT on ICE -- someone from IB even said they'll be offering it.
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    well let's see - "probably not" does not sound very yesy at least in the short term...
  8. Posted on the IB message boards:

    Response from jpasc at 2007/02/09 16:15 EST:After speaking with management we have decided to not offer NYBOT on ICE at the present time. Should this change we will be sure to update our customers.
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    :eek: :D
  10. The original post said NYBOT -- probably not. It was referring to NYBOT pits.

    This is crappy news about ICE ... I re-opened my ticket I at least want to know why they won't offer an electronic product when they have those crappy NYMEX softs available......
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