IB - no shorting??

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mskl, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. mskl


    I can't short any stocks with IB this morning. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. gaj


    yes, in chat with them now.
    will opst followup
  3. Yeah, everything's tagged as "hard to borrow" (dark green) It's either a system glitch or they're anticipating a blood bath today.
  4. I just want to post publically that there were three complaints on this thread, claiming it doesn't belong in the trading section.

    This type of thread is a perfect example of what belongs in the trading section. Stop hitting the complain button.

    If it turns out resolved, then fine, it will go to chit chat.
  5. gaj


    "20 minutes or less to resolve"
  6. gaj


  7. Bob111


    fucking IB..in day like those mofos expose me to one side only..can't even hedge with ETF's! wtf is wrong with you people?
    can't you just do this shit overnight and test before open? not AT the open
    fuck...now what should i do?
  8. http://prozac.com/index.jsp or multiple brokers like any serious trader :D

  9. moarla


    problem resolved
  10. Bob111


    i take both..almost had a heart attack..luckily market did move in my favor and i close most of my longs..i'm done for today..
    #10     Feb 20, 2009