IB-no shares to short?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bob111, Mar 16, 2009.

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    huh? why didn't you just post a link?
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    because they updating the list during the day..right now it shows 3995 stocks..
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  6. How could anybody at IB trade stock with a list like that? They may as well just close down that portion of their business because that list is an abomination. And its not good enough to make excuses when people rely on trading for their income. They are clearly too corrupt to allow even basic trading services anymore. It really smeels bad....

  7. get a life troll.
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    Now that's more like it. 8400+ (vs 7800 @ Genesis btw) but still light compared to the usual. Anyone know why the list has been so light?
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    I'm a futures trader who stumbled onto this thread. It helps me remember one of the reasons (the wash/sale tax rule being the other) why I never want to trade equities again. I had issues like this with many different brokers. I'd find a beautiful short set-up, hit the button to sell short, only to get the message back -- no shares available to to short. And this would happen with some of the most liquid instruments on the planet, like SPY.
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