IB no interest on first 10K rule, what do you do with the money?

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    I'm trying to figure a fund could you buy to earn something. Its almost $500 a year less on your pocket. Is there some kind of short-term ETF or some kind of play with options that could give you at least a few % a year?Bond funds are no good since they carry capital losses risk
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    What's wrong with a 3 month T bill?
    5.05% YTM

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    Minimum bond order at IB: $1million
  4. synthetic interest:

    Buy stock, sell SSFs on it.
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    dst Interactive Brokers

  6. Don't they have an EFP that's supposed to be even better?
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    I'm wondering which stock would be better. I'm guessing it cant pay dividends and it needs to cost around $100 so one lot would be almost $10K
  8. Haven't we had this discussion before?

    And wasn't it mentioned that this would only be useful for those with 10k cash or less in the account.

    No matter what you do with the 'first' 10k, its any 10k of cash that's in the account that would not be earning interest.

    So if you have 50k in cash in there, and buy something for 10k, you still dont get paid interest on 10k or cash.

    correct me if Im wrong.
  9. You can sort them by yield in TWS. They are all pretty close to LIBOR.

  10. Buy all the 45K of EFP. And leave 5K for the margin.

    Then you will be home free.
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