IB no fills again

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by shovel52, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. shovel52


    I just started back trading after the holiday. I recenly had
    problems with fills on the trader workstation. I posted a message
    here, and got some good information. I was getting filled on
    the entry, how ever half of my exits would never execute. I thought since I was trying to chase price on the exit with a
    limit order, that was why I wasn,t getting filled on the way out ,
    until price stopped and I rentered my order.and price would jump back to my limit. I have since readjusted the order to a limit+4.
    I just did a trade, and the same thing happened. I took 4 miniutes
    to get filled finally after canceling 3 times. Why would it fill me on the way in, but not on the way out? Needless say, this really
    puts a sour taste in your mouth for IB. The first place, it doesn,t
    make sense. unless something is misadjusted or missing from the
    platform . Come on guys, help me think here I. Please don't suggest that I write IB again! even though I have.

    Thanks John
  2. what are u talking about? if you are due a fill you get executed. What part am I missing?
  3. H2O


    What are you trying to trade ?
    EXACTLY what was your order ?
    When do you think it should have executed ?

    Please try to be as specific as possible,
  4. ib is direct access. if you are best you get filled.its not ibs fault. you are doing something wrong.
    what route are you using? give us exact details on the trade so we can comment.
  5. Is this happening on NYSE stocks? I always get crappy fills on NYSE. Naz is instant tho.