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  1. Ok, I am back to the thought of screw IB and the lack of customer service. I decided to open an account as I can trade equities and futures out of one, and feel fairly secure, but was nervous about the customer service end, which in the past made me walk away.

    Well, I started the process and it has been 30 minutes and I have yet to receive a confirmation email to continue the account opening process. No phone number is given to contact, just resubmit the email address, and naturally I have and still have nothing. I'm using Win 7 and Outlook, and I have a Win XP computer with Outlook Express and neither has the confirmation email. I must be the only person to follow directions and yet have issues with IB based on the responses on Elite.
    This is beyond irritatting. A simple phone number to call into would be a value, but that is not present on any of the IB pages I have open.
    I guess I should just go back to Futures only and go with my previous broker, but I though IB would have it together by now. I was wrong.
    F@$%@ piss me off!
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    You're wrong about IB.
    I can give you their number if you like.
  3. Please do, I am sitting here with the chat window NOT LOADING, on a Windows 7 computer. Somewhere there is an issue, and I have to say these are the same issues I left 10 years ago. It makes no sense, but I am willing to work for it a bit for the benefit.
  4. BSAM, feel free to PM me, I tried emailing you but elite says you don't accept.
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    Only 30 minutes since you submitted and you are posting a complaint? You seem to be a unreasonably impatient.
  7. Thanks, I had called that all ready and while much more pleasant than 10 years ago the answer was add IB to the address book. I have and as I knew all ready it didn't make a difference.
    I guess I don't get why there is an issue. I have not had this problem with anyone else. If I understand they are no more than 90 miles south of me so I guess that adds to my list of issues, and pisses me off.
    I love the idea of what they have to offer, but I don;t see an improvement from when I last left. I can be open and wire in money to my previous futures broker in 1 day. The reason I would like to go to IB is the equity/ futures availabilty, but I am back to saying why, if it is this annoying to open an account, what happens when somethin goes worng on my end or theirs?
  8. IB-AN

    IB-AN Interactive Brokers

    If you are located in the U.S. the toll-free number is 1-877-442-2757; direct 1-312-542-6901. A listing of contact numbers for Customer Service centers globally as well as their hours of operation is located can be found through the following website link (located on the upper right hand corner of our home page): http://individuals.interactivebrokers.com/en/p.php?f=customerService&ib_entity=llc

    Moreover, if you are in the application and click on the "Help Me" button you're provided with contact numbers (and once token verified access to online chat and the ability to request a callback).

    Finally, check your spam folder as many email service providers automatically route such communications from unknown senders in this manner. I've confirmed that there are no issues with the server which sends out tokens from our side and regretfully we have little control over its handling once it reaches the server of your email provider. You may want to refer to the following link for additional info: http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/node/1119 or PM me for assistance.
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    After your account is opened, if you will give them a patient and true chance, I am confident that you will be happy with IB.
    I been there many years.
  10. Catoosa, the only reason I maybe unreasonable, is other brokers I have dealt with/deal with, I have not had this same issue. I fyou want to classify me as a prick, oh well break my heart. As I mentioned, I have traded through IB previously, and had issues. I have decied 10 years+ later to go back again, as I know,you and many others are happy and I want to have the option of equities and futures again.
    For whatever reason, I am having issue opening an account. I followed the directions, called the customer service numbers, and yet I am having a problem. My Futures broker for the past years had no issues, and answered the phone within 2 rings with someone who could help me.
    IB-AN and DEf are great here and I will follow their recommendations, but i still think this is ridiculous. I'm not running a scam, or some bizzare operating system, or unusual email, yet I am having issues with something as simple as opening an account. And yes, it says if you haven't received a confirmation code within 5 MINUTES you should "click here", I did and I still have no confirmation email. Cry me a river about your 30 minute comment. As mentioned within 2 minutes at my futures only broker they were able to pull up my info, but I am having an issue with IB after now ~ 1 hour. I am still willing to work with them, but it is based on IB and Def, and guys like BSAM on here not knuckleheads like you seem to be.
    I apologize if I am wrong and maybe over reacting as you seem to be.
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