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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by profitseer, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. I downloaded the new version. Beats the heck out of the old one. Hotkeys are now totally configurable. Very nice.

    Auto stop is the main thing, and you can now set it to any predefined amount instead of having to scroll.

    Only thing left is to add an auto stop with auto exit OCO. Then you would have a tws bracket trader.
  2. what is a auto stop with auto exit OCO?
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    looks like a version is in the works that will allow you to attach more more functionality (like OCO) to an intitial order. (i can say the request was made last tuesday and it was approved. i don't have a time frame)
  4. shark, Right now with IB, you can enter an order with an attached stop, there by saving you the trouble and worry of getting your stop in after you enter.

    A bracket trade allows you to enter with an attached stop (either hard or trailing) and also an attached target exit, and if either the stop or the target is hit, OCO... One Cancels the Other.
  5. But here's what I can't find. I already had a hotkey set up for transmit, so when I downloaded the new version, it was already there.

    But on the new version, I cannot find how to set up hotkeys for transmit, close position or cancel.

    I'm glad I already had them set up from the old version. The users manual still has the old info, but it doesn't apply to the new version.
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    Under configure/hot keys you get the description of the hot keys that you have NOT assigned yet.

    under short cuts (below the description list) you see the actions that you defined. The rest should be self-explanatory.
  7. I opened an account with Ib, now my question is about market data fees.

    Under the subscriptions page:

    Non-professional US Securities and Commodities Exchanges USD 10.00 (Waived if monthly commissions > USD 30.00)

    So i just logged into TWS, typed in a ticker and get the message "not subscribed to market data" , well if that's the case then what the heck is the above subscription to?

    And...if I have to subscribe to Nas level 2, and nyse openbook to get real time quotes, do I have to pay those subscription fees? Because it doesn't say those are waved if the commissions generate $30 or more a month.

    If I'm going to have to pay for real time quotes @ $79 and $ 50 a month (and i'm only looking for level 1 here) then I'm just going to close the account.
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    You need to fund the account before you can see quotes. You also need to subscribe for the basic US equity package (the one where > $30 commission it gets waived) if you already haven't done so. Once the account is funded, you'll see the quotes.
  9. ok thanks, that makes sense
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    The new hotkey configurability is very cool, but I'm disappointed that there is still no ability to assign "cancell all" or "cancel page" to hotkeys. Others seem to want this trivial change, but it never gets done. Can those of us that want it please respond so we can demonstrate that there is a need?
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