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  1. stevenao


    Does anyone hate the new TWS with their annoying "theme"? I DO.

    The color is so annoying to a level that it is hard to read.

    If you also feel the same, please reply here. We should get enough feedback to get them to change it back or make a better "theme".

  2. Yes

    you are right

    But at IB don`t care
  3. Mike21


    Who cares?

    Trade.... Make money.... Be happy...
  4. stevenao


    It does more bad than good. TWS is slower.

  5. western


    I wish IB would stop updating TWS and rollout the new futuretrade platform they've been promising.
  6. Bob111


    where is the grid on new 884?
    no doubt it's slower, takes 2-4 min to login on decent dual core computer.
  7. Configuration >Display> Grid lines

  8. Wow ..........
  9. Did a *fresh* install on a test platform and imported my existing workspace.

    Apparently it did not import my hotkeys properly. None of them are there,

    Anyone else see this issue? You may or may not see it on an upgrade install.
  10. I didn't notice it any to be any slower on my computer (though it's not top performance hardware), but colors indeed look, let's say, funny. :)

    Though after some time I even have found it convenient when selected area of the row is highlighted. So guess it all is matter of what you get used to.
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