IB New lower deposits for Europe & Hong Kong (THANKS DEF!)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by GeorgeSoros, May 24, 2002.

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    >MONEP CAC FCE 1875

  2. Future billionaire ? :)
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    Not yet ;)

    I have some experience with the FCE (making about 30% of my futures volume on it) and I can't think of much situations where I could use such a margin. This is just from an actual margin Vs actual value point of view. The underlying can move much more violently than the NDX, for example. As a comparison, the local MONEP brokers require EUR 6k per contract as a minimum...

  4. Exchange minimum for MONEP is 3750€.

    Your broker shouldn't ask for more otherwise it is a crook...

    Unfortunately MONEP volume is low and volumes go to EUREX now....Just compare ESTOX50 on MONEP and EUREX...
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    I agree, volume tends to drift to the most efficient exchanges.
    There are still some good points with exchanges like the MONEP.
    I appreciate the fact that, although this is a fast electronic exchange, I can still get someone on the floor execute me in matter of seconds, in case I loose my com lines and I can't access the broker by phone (or if the broker looses connection with the exchange).

  6. How many FCE contracts do you think you can trade without having a large spread ?
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    Depends on the timeframe you trade...

    10 crtc are appropriate for 1' scalping
    I usually trade the FCE on either 5'/15' intraday, or short term (couple of weeks).
    I use a lot of money management for these kind of trades, so basically, I will just start a position with a low number of contract and a close stop, then scale up, so the liquidity consideration wont be a major concern.

    Of course, if you really trade Soros style, this kind of contract should only be ONE element of a multi-regional EIF strategy.