IB new features poll - suggestions for new classifications

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SideShowBob, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. FYI: The following is done in jest -- please do not take it seriously :p :p

    On the IB poll they currently have five classifications for status:

    - Voting in progress
    - Implementation in progress
    - Implementation Scheduled
    - Feature Implemented
    - Suggestion Declined

    I'd like to recommend adding the following:

    - Feature Implemented and tested
    - Feature Implemented, tested, and broke another feature
    - Feature Implemented, tested, works correctly, and didn't break any other features
    - Feature Implemented, TWS now drops market data
    - Feature Implemented, new bugs cost customers less than $10K in missed fills
    - Feature Implemented, new bugs cost customers more than $10K in missed fills
    - Feature already exists, read the manual you idiot
    - Feature already exists -- oops we didn't document it
    - Feature won't work on a mac because you need two freakin' buttons on your mouse!!!

    - Suggestion Declined, no reason given except we don't feel like doing it
    - Suggestion Accepted, then declined, then accepted, then declined again (NYBOT on ICE.....)

    Can anyone recommend any more status classifications?

    :D :D :D
  2. well, yes, please include the following:

    On the 'New Features' poll, please include, on the Start-Up popup box, when it launches 'New Version of TWS is Available', 'would you like to check for Updates?'...

    to be changed to, on Startup: 'New Version of TWS is Available, but, it completely ignores all fixes, and even introduces New Problems, would you like to Check for Updates to New Broker?'

    Also, I think the 'Retail' thread neds to be renamed the 'IB complaint Dep't'
  3. I think we need a separate forum for that. Or maybe two or three forums? :D

    Then again if they had one, we'd need at least five times that for Tradestation. And don't get me started on fills at TD Waterhouse.....or mutual fund trades at Scottrade....