IB Net Liquidation not updating...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bxptone, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Hi. I know this is an occasional problem with IB. Put I just banged out a nice trade on the USD/JPY and while I should be a grand or so, it says I'm only up $100. Will this update later?? Very unnerving.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    I have a gain of 161000 yen on my FX trader, most of that taking place in that last few hours, yet my Net Liquidation Value only updated a few hundred dollars.

    Scalped 400,000 (4 lots)yen for like 30 pips and my account went up $400 dollars.

    :( :confused:
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    Now pissed off, 1HR later, my current position changing, but Net Liquidation column not updating. I mean really, who the hell cares how much money they really have in their account right? Only use IB for the cheap commissions and execution. Don't need to be hand held, but the constant headaches are getting ridiculous. The P&L on my FX Trader is working and updating. Scared as hell I'm not going to get credited for these trades!!!

    This is a new account. Before if Net liquidation wasn't updating every 3 minutes on my account page, it would update when I entered or exited a postion. Now it does what it wants, after hours? Forget it. Don't know how much I have in my account, I think I'm going crazy. Just made a nice trade, and dont even know if I'm going to get the money for it??? wow.

    Guess you can get your share price to $34 by crapping on your customers and giving them inconsistent software by cutting corners wherever possible? I mean I don't think asking for BASIC FUNCTIONALITY is too much. I don't need to be hand held, just given something that works! Hadn't used IB for 2 months, new account and this is the progress in 2 months? Pitiful. I used to see all the negative comments and thought sour grapes. Naysayers right again. What garbage.