IB needs to support Opening Indications

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nitro, Nov 16, 2002.

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    Vote for it!

  2. Someone said they used to, but they discontinued it because it was too confusing for their customers.

    I have no problem believing that given what some of their "customers" post on ET:

    "Bad IB! Why did they make those PDT rules"

    "When I cancel my ISLD order it stays red for at least 30 seconds before it disappears! How come it takes IB so long to confirm an ISLD cancel?"

    etc. etc.

    Another good one: "I hate getting TMBR fills on nasdaq stocks, they are so fast there must be something wrong with them. If TMBR trades against me I am bound to lose money!"
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    nitro :D
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    I think they're supposed to be coming back again. A couple builds ago, they mentioned that TWS will show pre-opening prices in a different color, but didn't say for which market. I heard that the change had to be rolled back because of a bug.
  5. Lobster, are you saying you agree with those comments?

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    I saw that e-mail as well, started looking like crazy for blue quotes, but saw none. I looked at something blue to make sure it wasn't me - nope.

    nitro :( :mad:
  7. Yes, I remember the morning that IB tried to show SUPERSOES pre-market indications. What a mess. Instead of the quote just showing up in SUPERSOES quotes, it also showed up in SMART quotes as well. These SUPERSOES quotes were not matchable so it basically rendered the SMART routing ineffective. I complained about this occurrence and IB said that in the future, these pre-market indications would not be visible in SMART quotes, but would be visible (and colored blue) if you brought up a particular exchange's quotes.

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    The same thing is true for OpenBook. If you have SMART route, right clicking and looking at Market Depth, shows "market depth." If you have NYSE route and you choose Market Depth, you get OB.

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    Any news on when IB will reinstate this?


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    Bringing it to the top hoping def will notice and answer..

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