IB needs these products:

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  1. gerico


    Please tell us which products IB should offer in the coming months...

    For me:

    1) EC options (options on EURO/USD futures contracts)
    2) CL futures (all crude oil futures on NYMEX, with Nymex Access real-time quotes)
    3) CL options on futures

    Nothing more.
  2. free electronic transfers to banks.

    years ago, when i traded with datek, they had a thing called, "fundsnow." i entered my bank account # and routing # on their web site, and i could withdraw money from my trading account, right to my bank for free. i think it only took a day or so.
  3. gg

    IB doesnt charge for wire transfers. At least they havent up to now. Request funds today its in the bank tommorrow. Gratis.
  4. thanks, i didn't know...

    i'm on IB's site now and they also list this option:

    "Automated Clearing House (ACH) (Only available for US dollar currency withdrawals to accounts at US banks that will accept ACH fund transfers, 1-3 business days to receive)"

    is that basically what the Datek transfers were or is this something else?

    also, if wires are faster and free, why would someone do a ACH transfer?
  5. ACH is also what paypal uses. It's free and takes 1-3 days.

    IB wires money for free; it's these effen banks that charge (20.00 in the case of BofA) to receive them.
  6. sprstpd


    I don't understand how BofA can get away with this crap. Unbelievable. Don't they want money to come into their bank? It is unbelievable that people put up with this shit. Take your business elsewhere for the sake of future generations.
  7. How can a bank charge to recieve a deposit? Thats the dumbest thing Ive heard of.
  8. sprstpd


    Since this sort of stuff pisses me off to no end, I looked this crap up:


    See the Incoming charge (at the end of the web page)?

    But just when I thought Bank of America represented banking hell, I found out they aren't so bad after all:

  9. THIRTY FUCKING DOLLARS to send a wire now?

    When I funded my IB account in late 2002 it was 12.00.

    Wait it gets better - 28.00 to stop a check. They can go eat shit for that one, too.
  10. CL is not electronically traded, so forget about IB offering that product. Of course, you can already trade the e-mini version with IB.
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