IB native python API for dummies

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  1. Cyrix


    Thanks for your guide.
    I tried to run the sample code in your first post, but got these messages. Why?

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  2. d08


    Connection timeout meaning your TWS/Gateway couldn't be connected to.
    Make sure your port/IP are correct and your TWS/Gateway accepts connections. Config -> API -> Settings -> Enable ActiveX Socket Clients and Socket port.
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  3. The way how I read this error report: you did not provide correct parameters to connect to TWS/Gateway. Are you sure you defined parameters ipaddress, portid and clientid?
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  4. Cyrix


    Ah yes, I forgot to change the port in the sample code and enable API in this new installation of TWS.
    But after I did them, I got a new set of messages saying there was an exception:
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  5. I am not familiar with Python and not familiar with this particular code. Apparently something goes wrong when you try to disconnect from IB: self.socket.close()
    The other messages (2104, 2106) are benign and you can ignore them. You did get the time from TWS: 1518160986.
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  6. d08


    The TWS API has problems when disconnecting, depending on the version.
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  7. Cyrix


    Three is a bug with your blog pages when opened on Android browers.
    It keeps automatically jumping to the next article after a few seconds on a page.

    Tried two browsers and same thing happened.
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  8. Strange. Doesn't happen for me with chrome on my Samsung android phone. The site is hosted by google, so hopefully they are aware of the problem and can fix it.

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  9. Mason


    This is supper helpful
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  10. Cyrix


    Is there a way to use the API to find out the list of all available months for a futures ticker?
    For example, for ZN, is there a way to return the list of 201906,201909,201912.... ?

    Thank you.
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