IB-My Limit Buy Order Disappeared

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by himself, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. himself


    Today I entered a limit buy order and the TWS displayed the green color.

    About 15 minutes later when the market was still well above my price my order disappeared from my screen.

    I received no fill (naturally) at that time.

    Later the price traded much below my price, still no fill, and never did I get a fill.

    What went wrong?
    Are not such orders entered and held at GLobex?

    The market closed at the high of the day, therefore had I been filled I would be better off.
    Do I take it up with anyone, and if so will it do me any good?
  2. This Max Pain dude really puts out some important posts... :D
  3. himself


    I must agree with your statement that "This Max Pain dude really puts out some important posts."

    Not only did he point out to us that "The earth reversed its polarity and for a few moments up was down, left >right, and outside In" but showed by his very posting that this reversal of polarity could enable a p.o.s. to type.
  4. Ask IB customer service to check the order trail
    - and let us know if they could answer your question.
  5. same thing happened to me on an option order. i thought i was filled but then had to re-enter two different times. and max pain-in-the ass, chill. it's a valid concern because it's not just an unfilled order; the order disappeared from the screen as if it were filled. i didn't realize it didn't go through (price was hit) until i checked the trades sheet and my account screen, which was only a few seconds later. but this was the first time it has ever happened and was probably a temporary glitch.
  6. It happened to me once in several years that limit orders (stocks, SMART) simply disappeared. I would be more concerned when it happens with Globex limit orders. They cannot disappear at the exchange unless someone cancels them.
  7. If you can't prove you had a buy limit order in I doubt IB will
    do anything about it. What TWS build are you using? Hopefully
    you weren't trying to cover a short? If you were, then I would
    definitely get on IB's case... Otherwise, it is just a missed fill,
    which happens with IB once in awhile... Should not happen though! :mad:
  8. But how do you know if

    (a) Not filled, but limit order disappeared

    - OR -

    (b) Filled, but did not receive an execution report ?

    Wait for your account statement on the next day ???