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  1. If I am not mistaken you can have 2 usernames for a single user account is this correct? This would be great seeing that I can have one username logged in and running with my bot in a data center somewhere, and then I could use the second user name to login and still be able to make manual trades. Would it work this way?

    How do you go about creating a second user name for that single user account?
  2. Log into account management, click Account Administration, then User Functions. Then click "2nd user" next to your username in the list.
  3. Are there any fee's related to this, and does having 2 user accounts for this account cause any changes or problems with statements and tax forms?
  4. Nope. All the trades in the 2 login ID would be combined as one.

    Also, u can get a paper account just to get quotes. So, u can basically have 3 TWS running at all time.
  5. Jeez. Ive been with IB over a year and didnt know this. Are you saying I can log into my account from two differerent computers running TWS on one and a charting app on the other?
  6. I think the second username is subject to a second 10$ fee / 30$ minimum commish fee. But I am not sure about this.

  7. No fees at all.
    Subscribing market data in one account means getting data for the 2nd account as well as paper trading account.
  8. is this still true?
    one can open a 2nd account or user name from within the original account w/ IB, and trade separately or independently of the original acct?
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    I think this thread is talking about 2 user names for the same underlying account. I have that set up as a backup in the event of technical difficulties (Secure Computing token failure, etc).

    Two separate accounts are a different matter.
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    if you only need the account for charting, you can open a papertrading account (this is diff from demo account).
    The papertrading account has the same real time data feed, without additional account fees.
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