IB Mosaic and option trading

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  1. Anyone have a better way to trade options like AAPL intraday using IB's Mosaic, booktrader or option trader view?
    Booktrader is next to useless as it is constantly recentering, and/or I can't scroll down to the price I want to put in the trade at as it is too far away. The option trader I haven't figured out how to click and alter the bid or ask price to get my price either.
    Yes, I will be working with it more to figure it out on my own, but any thoughts appreciated.
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    It's not available on IB, but check out a demo of Silexx Obsidian. There are three types of Equity and option order tickets.


    Order Ticket, Depth Ticket and Book Trader. Each one can use Smart route or DMA.

  3. You click on the bid or offer on the option in question, and then adjust the price above in the "trading" box (white field, limit order price). I don't use it much as it's for singles only:


    Booktrader can be useful for trading large orders.
  4. Thank you both. I usually trade 5-20.
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    5-20? Is that lot size?
  6. 5 - 20 contracts per order.
  7. You can build (reasonably) complex orders and trade them in booktrader, as well as configure lower resolution on price so that the re-center doesn't obscure your order. It can be a pain to use due to the dynamic reset.