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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cutten, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Anyone tried this yet? I just put a trade through via my PDA - it's a bit cumbersome, and to be honest I would prefer just phoning a normal broker and placing the order verbally. IMO it really needs live streaming prices on the screen (or at least updating every few seconds), and the ability to replicate the TWS window, otherwise it is not really worth the hassle.

    Anyone else tried this?
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    Not sure if you know, Cybertrader has a wireless enviroment with real-time streaming data. I don't use it because they do not offer futures trading.

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    i've used IB's mobile trader with several current-gen phones and T-Mobile. it's a little kludgy, but it does work. i'm building a custom app to run on the phone that will avoid the kludge by interfacing with another custom app that talks to TWS via the API.
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    Yeah, that's the URL I used to log in, thanks anyway. I put in a 1 lot in the Yen via mobile phone/PDA, and was watching it on my PC - it actually went through fairly quickly, pretty good execution speed considering it's a 56k mobile connection.
  5. CT do have future trading, Do you mean they don't have trading
    it wirelessly?
  6. You can try H-Trader from PATSystems and see how it works
    for you. It should be available with most brokers that offers

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    Yes, they have futures trading, but not wireless...
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  9. Cyber's wireless platform runs off of the older palms like the palm III or palm VII.

    It will not work on Pocket PC
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