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  1. Quick question about IB's mobile trader.

    If I'm trading futures, can I specify the number of contracts that I want to trade (vs. a default setting of 1 that IB provides) when I use mobile trader. I know this sounds almost obvious and inane, but it's not clear from the IB simulation. Don't want to assume too much. Thanks.
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    I didn't respond as I don't know much about the mobile trader. I'll send a mail out today and find out. BTW, there is a fairly active mobile forum on our web site where you may want to post the question.
  5. I trade futures through mobile trader. Once you click on Bid or Ask price, you get to create order page, you will be presented with a Modify link before Transmit. When you Modify you can change Buy/Sell, Size, Limit Price, Type(LMT/MKT), DAY/GTC.

    Dont worry. They would not release a system that does not let you change your order values.
  6. I am in process of activating an IB account (Futures) and would be interested in Mobile Trading. Is there anyone who has experience with this option who can give a thumbnail sketch of how it works. Thanks, steve46
  7. I too am in the process of opening an IB account...but can't seem to access the mobile trader from my T-mobile phone !?

    (www.interactivebrokers.com as the website instructs)

    Sounds like T-Mobile may have an issue with IB. Anyone else had the same experience and found a workaround? I'm using a Motorola V.66