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    Anyone using IB's Mobile Trader (MT) platform?

    Also, def, in case you read this, I posted the following suggestions to the IB Forum, with no response:

    The value in MB to me is in the ability to follow orders that I may have put on with the TWS while I was working from home. Now, if I have to leave home and shut down the TWS, I would still like to have these orders working in the market. However, here is my problem. I trade so many times a day in so many different underlying, that when I log on to the MT, it takes me too long to figure out which positions have executed since I left home and shut down the TWS.

    My suggestion was to have a feature of MB such that it would display any filled orders (or partial orders) in it's own "executions page" since I shut down TWS. This way I would know that those are the ones that need my attenton. A line like the following would be ideal:

    C -1000P 36.48 -1000 36.37 x 36.39 50 x 50 BB SA BA SB
    GE 2000 27.20 3000 27.23 x 27.25 100 x 50 BB SA BA SB

    The first line would say that, since I shut down the TWS, I sold Citigroup in the amount of 1000 shares, that it was a partial fill at 36.48, that I am now short 1000 shares, that the current bid is 36.37 and the current ask is 36.39, and that there is 5000 by 5000 on the bid/ask. Finally, BB is a link allowing one to set up an order to buy bid, and SA is a link allowing one to set up an order to sell Ask, BA is a link allowing one to set up an order to buy ask, and SB is a link allowing one to set up an order to sell Bid. The line follwing would be similar for GE, etc...

    This would make MT a killer application for me.

  2. Nitro,

    What kind of PDA do you run MT on?

  3. nitro


    I run it on a cell phone currently, not a PDA. I use the Motorola T720 GSM phone with AT&T service. I am astonished how fast it is.

    Now, if I can get on of those portable keyboards to attach to the phone...

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    I'll make sure someone sees your recommendation. Sounds like a good idea but ofcourse no promises...

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    Thanks David,

  6. I was just trying someone's Motorola 720 and attempted to find the IB trading site. Couldn't get there. How do you get to the IB trading system using a T720. I didn't see a link for IB in the trading sites drop-down, and trying the regular IB url didn't work either. What gives?

    Thank you for any help in advance!:confused:
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    you have to follow these instructions - in particular, note the setting of the WAP IP address.

    Go to https://www.interactivebrokers.com/index.html

    Then click on "Trading System" then click on "Mobile trader." Read the whole thing, but the important part is down towards the bottom.

    If you have already done that, you need to be more specific what errors/problems you are having.

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  9. The i.p. stuff is where the problem was. Thank you guys.:)
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