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  1. Is any one trading through IB's mobile trader platform using PALM i705 (or other wirless device)? How well does it work? If it does not work what issues have you encountered? How is palm.net wireless internet service?
    Please share.
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    it sucks.

    The wireless protocol that the i705 uses doesn't support the secure algorithm needed to connect to IB's Mobile TWS. You would need a cellular phone-based modem (also not supported for the i705) to connect, using something like the Palm V or older.

    I have an i705 and the wireless service is painfully slow. And I do mean painfully, like 1/3 the speed of dialup. I cancelled before my first month was up because it was ridiculous waiting at least a minute for any web page to come up. There are a handful of web clipping applications available but they're woefully inadequate and are largely no better than regular browsing. You would essentially get 10% of a website's functionality if you get there through a web clipping app.

    All in all, avoid the i705. I can't see Palm developing new products for their wireless service and I'm sure it's on it's way out. I can't say anything positive about it at all.

  3. But from what I read on IBs website, one needs to install a WAPMAN Pro microbrowser (9.95 on palmgear.com) that has WTLS feature in order to run their app and also specify the IB's gateway in preferences.
    Do you mean it does not work even after you do that?
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    Mobile Trader requires that you use WTLS which is exactly the type of wap browser you can't get for the i705.

  5. Yikes.... The palm.net network does not allow streaming either. Only polling technology which is a poor man's version of streaming. I'm not crazy about that network.
  6. Does Palm Tungsten is a better choice?

    Any other suggestion?
  7. The Tungsten is certainly an upgrade to the i705. The Tungsten T, T2 and T3 are all quite popular. If you have Wi-Fi access, go with the Tungsten C. Nice Qwerty keyboard feature.
  8. I am now considering getting a Palm based device with Wi-Fi, does the Tungsten C is really the best choice or maybe the Sony or any of the other devices is better?

    TM Trader
  9. Well, if you wanna get a PDA that has wi-fi and is chalk full of featres, the Sony Clie devices are the way to go. I know the NZ-90, TG 50, the NX 70V and the new UX-50 are all pretty sweet. These are definitely higher end and run about $450-$700. They have all the bells and whistles though..... Plus, they all use the Palm OS so it's not like you would have to familiarize yourself with a new platform.
  10. I'm not really looking for all the bells and whistles but more for a long battery life, high quality Wi-Fi (I know some devices have very weak signals) and comfortability.
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