IB Mobile Trader transmit order error

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by estrader, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. I am using ericsson t68i for Mobile Trader. I can login just fine, and create an order, but when I click transmit it gives me an error that says something like this: "communication error, try again or contact your wap provider" (close to this). How can it be, if I am able to login and view my account?
    Also, I checked just in case if I can login into my WTS when this happened, and I was able to, and my order was there. This tells me that when I placed the order it accepted it and then kicked me out.
    Additionally, I could not navigate in my account on the wap site after that, so I had to take out the battery in my cell phone to disconnect.

    Can some one help me. I am so close to have it working and now hit this glitch I dont know how to fix.
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  3. I did check the IB forums, and found that several people have had the same problem. I actually figured out that what happens is that the wireless internet connection is not stable or IB loses my session, or possibly it loses secure connection, that is why I cannot login. The thing is my GPRS Internet session is still on, but I cannot browse the IB's wap site. When I exit WAP session and relogin then I am fine again. Actually I was able to place an order successfully and continue browsing my account. But then it kicked me out when I tried to view my portfolio, for example. So it drops you at random points.
    This is a new technology and is still not very reliable, but it does the job if you have patience.