IB: missing CHF, check your statements.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by KS96, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. KS96


    A couple of hours ago, I saw in the Account window of the TWS around 500CHF dissappearing from my CHF cash balance. According to a CSR, there was an issue with the system not moving cash from the equity side to the future side so it was corrected today (3/Nov) around 20:00GMT. The problem was on since 27/Oct, so all statements since then may be incorrect (the CHF part only, according to the CRS).

    However, I started from my statement of 26/Oct and carefully added up all my trades which affected my CHF balance, and I am still missing 364CHF. I opened a trouble ticket and waiting....

    I may be wrong somewhere... I guess I will just have to wait and see. But if anyone noticed anything strange in his/hers CHF balance, please check your statements...
  2. ozzy


    I have also had some accounting issues in the past few days -- first they added extra cash and then today it all dissappeared. I'm not sure what the hell is going on -- but I dont like it.

    The account balance should always be correct. Not wrong one day and then right another. The correction happened at 2:40 pm today.

    I need to go over the numbers because it was a significant amount (5K) that just ''disappeared'' from my account.
  3. yeah, not to mention the wacky pnl on tws and booktrader, often stuck in a arbitrary gain/loss. and of course the missin' digits on last size. 3months have passed and nothin' has been done yet about the latter, not even an acknowledgment, like if it is not a priority.
  4. KS96


    This doesn't sound good... was it USD? The CSR said the problem was with CHF, but how can you trust them after this mess.... Maybe I should go through all my transactions then. GRrrrrr here goes my weekend...

    I am not sure if the savings in commissions worth all this trouble anymore.
  5. abxs


    I've had very strange things this week when suddenly getting a couple of hundred EUR in plus, now suddenly I've lost 1500EUR ?!! I trade only USD, EUR and GDB futures.
  6. ozzy


    My base currency is in CAD. I rarely trade CHF based products. Something is really fishy -- they need to look into how they are updating the account balances. Because they have been way off this week !!

    IB any comments on this isssue. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has had this problem. Also how come we keep getting data feed problems. As much as I like you guys this is really frustrating.

  7. KS96


    Have you all opened trouble tickets?
  8. ozzy


    No not yet. I'm sure they now their account balance system is messed up and if not they know now !!
  9. KS96


    The CSR had the annoying attitude that it's me that I am wrong and I should go through my statements. Well, I did! Twice by now. I am still missing the 364CHF, and now that I hear all these I wonder if my USD, CAD, and EUR are ok or not. That's a REDICULOUS situation!

    Whatever they will say they fixed, would you trust it? We all need to go through our logs.
  10. abxs


    I just talked to an IB CSR and they aren't aware of any issues.

    But it's outrageous, I've just lost 1500EUR in the last couple of hours without trading!! All my positions were closed, this is ridiculous... they say I need to check my account statements... and get back on monday is the problem persists...
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