IB minimum bandwidth/latency requirements

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rsi80, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. rsi80



    Has anyone been trading futures with IB on a 0.5Mbps internet connection with a latency of around 400 - 500ms?

    The assumed trading style is discretionary using, say, not more than six 15 min and daily charts.

    I'm trying to devise a suitable backup plan using the above criteria.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You're talking about a connection comparable to cellular or satellite, right? It works but you're not going to like it other than as a way to manage orders while away from your "real" connection. It's the latency that's annoying.
  3. gmst


    Depends on what you trade. If you are going to trade fast moving stuff like CL or thinly traded stocks with low bid-ask size then it will matter. However, if you are going to trade something like ES, it won't make a damn difference. Because anyways scalping ES is fool's gold. And if you are trading for 4-5 points, 500ms will not make a damn difference.
  4. ofthomas


    you must be talking cell, b/c there is nothing else like that around anymore... then again, you could be overseas .. so let me not speak out of terms... in any event, if all your charts are the same instrument, sure... it will still be slow, but given a non-scalping setup... sure.. it will "work"... best way to find out is test it...