IB Minimum age?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by suqil, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. suqil


    Is there (still?) a minimum age of 21 if you want to open an individual account?
  2. suqil


    Just did some checks and it seems you still need to be 21 to open an account with IB.

    I'd hate to have to choose a different (& less interesting) broker because of this nuisance..

    Is there no way around this? (i'm 20)
    And waiting till i'm 21 isn't really an option.
  3. ozzy


    Get your dad/mom/sister or brother to open an account for you. When I have kids I'll be opening an account for them when they're 10.


  4. MBT-Steve

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  5. I wonder what the min age here on ET is :D
  6. Ebo


  7. So what's a guy who's under 21 supposed to do if he wants a decent futures broker?

    Anyone know if Velocity Futures has an age limit?
  8. jond83


    most brokers don't even verify age, you could easily just lie... trust me ;)