IB Mini Dow trading?

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    Anyone trade mini DOW ($5) at InteractiveBrokers? When I look at their website, they showed CBOT A.C.E trading hour is 12:15 - 17:00 (ET) & 20:40 - 23:50, doest that mean you can trade mini DOW in the afternoon session, not in the morning?

    Thinking open a account with them, but mini DOW is what I wanna trade.
  2. etherboy, that is not correct. YM is available to trade at IB whenever the A/C/E has it open, except for the nightly maintenance from about 12am-12:45am Eastern time.
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    thanks. will apply one.
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    The CBOT mini-sized Dow set a new daily volume record, trading 68,752 on September 24, 2003. I believe it moves to Liffe Connect Platform in November
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    Watching mini dow futures for over a month, have bigger trading range than mini S&P and Nasdaq, easier to calculate too.
  6. What do you mean by easier to calculate too? means easier
    to anticipate or to predict or ...?
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    1. Easier to calculate because its minimum fluctuation is 1 point, so you don't have 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 . And

    2. Easier to predict & anticipate.

    Just wonder DOW has only 30 stocks. NASD100=100 stocks, S&P500=500 stocks. So it's easier to move DOW index when they pick one of 30 company to manipulate.

    Today, Kodak (EK) is the target, down 18%. Last week I think is MO (court judgement), 2 weeks ago is HD (because of hurricane)

    Got it?

    If you want to move NASD100, how many stocks you have to manipulate? Let along S&P 500.

    It's my observation.
  8. Why on earth would anyone want to trade the e-mini Dow? The only thing that it is good for, possibly, is to learn discipline, i.e., to quickly get out of a position when it starts to against you.

    It behaves erratically. And even if you are using a super-fast platform, i.e. TT's X-Trader, prices can disappear much faster than you can click on them Today I sold it at 9381, puked em at 9386 at 2:04 pm CST, hitting my daily loss limit. When I sold them, the S & P e-minis were sitting still. Nonetheless, the Dow spiked up, immediately before cruising 100+ points down. Frustrating, to say the least. . . . . .
  9. here on elite ... market surfer perhaps (?)

    says he spreads the dow ( mini dow )? against

    individual dow stocks ... I keep meaning to ask him

    if he holds em overnight ( the spreads)

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    The way I'm going to trade is maybe only twice a day, 4 times most. So I'll try to draw possible support/resistance & trendline the day before and only trade where I see a very good possibility of a good trade.

    I watched all indexes closely and I feel if you can pick top & bottom, you will make more profit than trading mini S&P and Nasdaq.

    But I'm a newbie in futures, just learning, only when I'm in market then I will know how I perform.
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