IB midnight reboots (Eastern time)

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  1. Does anyone know what the reboot/reset time if you request to be moved to the HK servers? I trade both the US and Asian markets so will I get kicked off in the middle of the US market if I'm on the HK server?

    I've gotten f*cked several times because I trade the HSI and when a sudden move for/against my position happens, I find that nothing works even if the quotes are running between 12:00 to 12:30 EST.

    I've complained enough to IB that a broker shouldn't render their platform useless for 30 minutes in these day and age but we all know how they are with customers.
  2. Sh*t, i can't trade afterhours with that HK reboot schedule. I guess I'll have to stay away from the Asian markets between the US reboot time.

    I'm glad IB ain't running an airport control tower.

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    why not consider opening a second account on the HK server? You could move funds seamlessly between the two accounts. If you don't want to go the second account route, the HK server reset is around 4 AM.
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    Def, how can I get my account moved to the HK server? Do I just submit a customer ticket and say please put my account on the HK server?
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    Note that Def suggests a second account, not moving. If you trade both places you will be increasing the latency for all your US trades. From my location on the US East Coast the latency to the IB US server is about 50 milliseconds, to the Hong Kong server, about 275. Depending on your trading style that difference can mean a lot or nothing. But if you trade in the US markets if you move your account to the HK server all your US trades will be routed via the HK server.

    If you are trading futures in both Asia and the US having two accounts easily handles the $30 monthly commission minimum. The only other place it might cost you money would be if you do not move most of your free cash between accounts every time you move. That's to ensure that the first $10K (or part thereof as spread between accounts) IB pays no interest only is minimized.

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    I already have two accounts with IB. One is a taxable account and the other is an IRA. I want to move the taxable account to the HK server for trading futures on the exchanges in the far east. I want to retain my IRA account on the North American server for trading equities on US exchanges.
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    I'd call customer service and ask them how to move the taxable account. I think there may have been a thread here on ET about this within the last year but it might be hard to find.

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    just submit a service ticket.... it gets done over weekends... easy enough.
  9. My ping to ib hk server is 190, to us server is 60. and i trade HSI.


    for my case is US server faster to trade HSI as it has less ping time? or HK server is faster cuz ib in us would have to route the connection to HK and takes another 200+ms?

    any input is appreciated.

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