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  1. Has everyone notice IB has added mexican futures? Has anyone tried it? How big is the contract? Is "IPC" the one we should trade?
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    Steve, any plans for any other S. American markets?
  4. Is it a new product or did i just miss it? If it is new I think you guys need to promote this thing (put it on the website news section or something) in order to generate more interest and revenue. Looks like a small contract, i am somewhat interested.
  5. How come most of the stocks are US names? Is the US names just equal to the US price times the exchange rate?
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    ...Like Brazil? And when can we trade CL options?

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    I'm not sure of the timetable for other S.American markets, but the press release for Mexico was last week:

    Interactive Brokers Launches Direct Access to Mexican and Spanish Trading Products

    Interactive Brokers (IBKR), a leading direct access online broker of global options, futures, stocks, forex, and bonds is pleased to announce the introduction of Mexican stocks, options and futures along with Spanish stocks offered via its multi-product desktop trading platform the Trader Workstation (TWS). These products will be available to customers by March 1, 2008.

    Interactive Brokers' clients are accustomed to accessing multiple products across a growing variety of global asset classes from a single IB Universal AccountSM. Direct access is provided to options, futures, stocks, forex, and bonds on over seventy market centers worldwide. In 2007 the company added Australian stocks, Hong Kong stocks and warrant trading, options on both Dutch and Swedish securities, and NYBOT soft commodity futures. The company also offers its global customer base trading in ten major currencies through eleven interbank participants at spreads as low as half a pip wide.

    All newly announced products will be integrated into our recently launched IB Risk NavigatorSM shortly. The IB Risk NavigatorSM is a real-time market risk management platform, which unifies exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe. Whereas there are a number of trading technology firms offering their risk management solutions for hundreds of thousands of dollars, all active Interactive Brokers customers receive the IB Risk NavigatorSM at no cost.

    About Interactive Brokers

    Interactive Brokers Group is an automated global electronic market maker and broker specializing in routing orders and executing and processing trades in securities, futures and foreign exchange instruments as a member of more than 70 electronic exchanges and trading venues around the world. As a market maker, we provide liquidity at these marketplaces and, as a broker, we provide professional traders and investors with direct access to stocks, options, futures, forex and bonds from a single IB Universal AccountSM. Employing proprietary software on a global communications network, Interactive Brokers Group continuously integrates its software with a growing number of exchanges and trading venues into one automatically functioning, computerized platform that requires minimal human intervention.

    Interactive Brokers LLC is a member of NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. Supporting documentation for any claims and statistical information will be provided upon request.
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    "I'm not sure of the timetable for other S.American markets"
    Can we assume that more are planned, you just don't know the timetable, or is that putting words into your mouth?
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    :D We'd like to offer every liquid market in the world - but it takes alot of time to set them up
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    Brazil would be a nice next, but I have a feeling there are regulatory and currency conversion issues.

    Bring me the wild frontier markets where the ramping syndicates roam free :D
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