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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by siapaya, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I'm having a hard time understanding the use of market value vs. portfolio in view account section. I hope someone here can explain to me in simple terms what market value and portfolio section really reflects as I could not get a satisfactory help from IB.

    All this time I thought when I open and close a position in a particular currency pair, it would be just that. It turns out, it leaves out a teeny bit of other currencies than my based currency in my account. Over time, it adds up to a considerable amount.

    First of all, my base currency is USD.
    In my Market Value section, it lists
    CAD -1,048
    CHF - 239
    JPY -39,397
    are the numbers above means that I'm long or short against those particular currency in USD?

    in my Portfolio section, it lists
    USD.CAD 3,159
    USD.CHF -56
    USD.JPY -4,453
    JPY.USD -136

    Which is the true reflection of my account? How can I bring everything back to my based currency?

    I noticed that in the Market Value (MV) section, when I either select CAD or CHF, I get "close currency position" and "close all non base currency position", whereas when I select JPY, I would only get "close all non base currency position" option. Why is that?

    And in Portfolio section there is an option to "close position" in any particular pair under this section. I tried closing the position in the portfolio section but it would just show up in the MV section, and vice versa.

    Any explanation offered here is greatly appreciated. While IB offers great products range and good commission and execution overall, it's hard to get any help. That's why I turned to ET, noticing many knowledgeable traders here.