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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Sabia, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Using GAT I placed a few orders to "Close Position" at Market and a message "Partially Executed and xxxx Cancelled".

    I'm using PaperTrader and was left with xxxx amount of stock remaining. How can you get the whole lot filled across whatever price is available?

    Thanks, Sabia.
  2. Sabia



    OK I think I know what the problem was and I didn't see this option documented anywhere.

    When I place an order at market, there is a box below it "Limit".

    I'm guessing if I do not enter a limit then TWS buys the first available amount of stock at whatever price and cancels the rest of my order. In otherwords the "Limit" becomes that price?

    If I place a market order and set the limit to $0 (zero dollars) then it will buy whatever is available down to whatever price.

    Is the correct please?

    Thankyou, Sabai.
  3. Sabia


    OK, I've tried that and today a couple of trades were only partially filled (MKT order). The left over portion of the position was cancelled.

    What am I doing wrong please - any ideas?

    Thanks, Sabia.
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    Just curious if you even considered calling the IB Customer Service line to assist you with your question?
  6. I had a market order I placed overnight for Liffe Sugar canceled in my real trading account, I opened a ticket, they said they'd look into it, and it's been three weeks without a peep. Calling them gets you the same result -- absolutely no resolution whatsoever. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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    Thanks RL8093,

    Your reply tells me so much! It seems that I'm not going mad and this is not normal of a MKT order! :D

    Again, the above problem is with the PaperTrader. No idea if the "real" TWS is the same as I have not used it.

    Cheers Sabia
  8. Sabia


    Sorted it out OK.
    No problem, thanks for the replies.
  9. what was the cause?