IB market depth and API problems

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by napa, May 4, 2006.

  1. napa


    Is there any workaround for IB API "3-stock-only" market depth limitation?

    This completely jackass limitation really makes me crazy. Whole API thingy becomes useless because of that.
  2. Bob111


    mb trading. with their SDK you can get not only market depth, but entire L2 for 100 tickers.
  3. def

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    you seem to be confusing a broker offering a virtually free data feed with a data vendor. The limitation was put in place to make sure our network and bandwidth isn't overloaded.

    One other mention: your subject line is inaccurate and misleading
  4. napa


    I'd be happy to pay premium if such data were available via api. I do understand computational/bw issues regading that, but it seems limitations such as this one has been around for ages without any hint of ever going away. Regardless of techical advances it world has gone.

    I think my subject line was accurate enough, i consider it problem if api cannot deliver what it is marketted to do. Granted limitation is mentioned in documentation. Opinions i guess.
  5. napa


    I'm under impression that MB SDK is Windows only, correct? That would not work for me.
  6. The MB data feed is a direct socket connection. Any operating
    system that supports sockets will do. Data is ASCII and the
    protocol is dead simple. I have attached the documentation
    for it.

    IB data is not free, as a profressional trader (and I assume
    most ET posters are professionals) we pay over $300 per
    username. That is a long way from free!