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    I havn't traded SSF, but would like to subscribe to the market data with through IB. When on the trading permissions page, There are two choices for SSF it looks like. "The US Single Stock Futures" and "The LIFFE Single Stock Futures" is the US single stock futures from onechicago and liffe NQLX? With the market data subscriptions all there is, is "liffe" and "liffe market depth". What data do I need to subscribe too? I wanted quotes from onechicago too.
  2. includes both ONE and NQLX

    where ever they make a market

    so choose that one and you should be fine
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    thanks, that explains the permissions page, but what about subscribing to market data? unless the standard "Non-professional US Securities and Commodities Exchanges" includes onechicago and nqlx. Other than that there arn't any other options for SSF market data except maybe "liffe" i don't know if thats for SSF or not.
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    LIFFE refers to the London based exchange - not the Nasdaq-Liffe exchange (NQLX).

    Non-Pro US Secs and Commds Exch - includes all US stocks, options, and futures including ONE and NQLX
  5. most people trade at onechicago and if you do so, you need quotes from onechicago. it costs $1/month.

    By the way you can get some free quotes (nqlx) here: