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    I currently trade the ES and was interested in adding bonds on ACE. I logged into my IB account to see about adding ACE. I already had GLOBEX selected. I saw that there was ACE and also ACE with Market Depth listed at $0.00 charge, so I selected ACE with Market Depth.

    After later reading the Market Data Fee structure page on the IB website, I saw the Non-Professional Securities & Commodities selection that appears to cover both GLOBEX and ACE - though this is not specifically stated. Consequently, I logged back in and unchecked both GLOBEX and ACE and added the Non-Pro.

    Is this the correct configuration?

    Also, IB was then asking me to complete a bunch of online forms as if this was a new account.

    Have I totally hosed myself here or am I correctly situated now? Will the fee structure for the Non-Pro be the same as I had with GLOBEX alone - $10/mo or free with $30/mo+ in commissions?

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    You need to apply for both Globex and A/C/E and the fee will be $10 per month or free if you do more than $30 per month in commission. You are not being hosed.
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    Now that I have selected Non-Pro, GLOBEX is no longer showing up.

    Thanks for the quick response, BTW
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    Can someone answer whether the Non-Professional Securities & Commodities subscription which IB says includes all stocks, futures and options would include the e-minis (GLOBEX) and bonds (ACE)?
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    Yes it should but I can't be 100% as my account is set up as a professional and thus my menu choices are different.

    1. Log into your account
    2. Click the boxes and exchanges that you want (if there is a seperate one for globex and a/c/e check them off.
    3. wait for the system recycle over midnight for the data to appear

    These really are help desk questions. Please try an online chat. The people are knowledgable and will help you real time.
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    I did that and the online chat app crashed. I also emailed them, but I am sure it's too soon for a response. I have TWS open and it is pulling quotes for both ES and ZB right now. Is that evidence I am good to go?
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    yes, if you've got quotes you are good to go.
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    For anyone else who had a similar question to mine, here is the email response I received from IB (took about 2 hours after-hours):

    You may receive Real time streaming quotes on Globex via TWS if you have
    subscribed to Non Professional US Securities & Commodities Exchanges. $10
    monthly fees will be charged but it could be waived if your account generated
    more than $30 in monthly commissions.

    For ACE market, you may subscirbe to ACE to receive real time streaming quotes
    or ACE Market Depth if you wish to receive real time streaming quotes as well as
    market depth. Both ACE subscriptions are free.

    Difference between ACE and ACE market depth:
    ACE - Real time streaming quotes
    ACE Market Depth - Real time streaming quotes with market depth

    Your account has a subscription to Non Professional US Securities and
    Commodities Exchanges, you need to subscribe to ACE or ACE market depth if you
    wish to receive quotes on ACE as well.
  9. def my good friend, you sound a little exasperated from so patiently helping all of us with our ib questions. I'm sure most of our questions could eventually be answered by the help desk.

    But this is a free site and anyone can ask any question about any brokerage firms setups anytime they want. There are no inappropriate questions.

    Besides, asking here is fun, going over there is more like work.
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    yes i am. half day HK, Australia, full day Japan but short staff, incredibly thin markets, expiration coming up, my wife/kids want me to leave ASAP, i've got a dozen other things to take care of first. Bah humbug.

    Didn't mean to come across as rude. If I did, I was in trading mode and I'm not all lovey dovey on the desk.

    Now that I've taken a deep breath, chilled out a bit and will spend the next 2 hours watching a holiday concert with my kids, no more scrooge....

    Happy Holidays to all ! :D
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