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    I have currently 107 stocks in my IB account and is over the 100 "free" market data lines. I can't buy anything else now since I don't get market data info.

    I have talked to IB and they tell me there is nothing I can do. I don't generate over $800 in monthly commission to get additional data lines.

    Just wondering if anyone had similar issues and if there anyways around it?

  2. uh??
  3. Are you kidding ??????

    Just create, say, 3-5 pages in TWS for the several stocks (maybe grouped by sectors, "real estate", "tech"...) and have 20, 50 or 80 on each page.
  4. gekko


    I did that already. Once I hit 100 market data lines, regardless whether they are spread over various pages or not, Can't get no more data.
  5. That cannot be true !

    Make sure you don't have a portfolio page (and check your pending page), scanner, or an API client running.

    It works! I'm out !
  6. rcj


    Are you running some of the pages detached???

    Keep the pages attached. That may do it??

    ....... rj
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    I do have a portfolio page. Maybe that is the problem....
  8. You are allowed to view 100 market data lines at one time when your monthly commission average is below $800 USD.

    rcj is correct detached pages will reduce the allowable lines per page.


    2 pages with 50 market data lines on each. You could add 50 data lines to each page. However, if you detach one page your now at 100 viewable lines. No additional lines can be added.

    Once your previous 4 weeks commission average exceeds $800, you receive an additional market data line for every $8 in commission.

    4 week average of 808 = 101 viewable market data lines
    816 = 102

    Also, alarms are counted as viewable market data lines.

  9. I'd suggest you sell 7 stocks. No one needs a portfolio of over 100 stocks, or for that matter, anything even close to that.

  10. gekko


    I use quantitative analysis to select securities. I rebalance the portfolio once a month. I kind of wish I could work with less stocks but I just go with what the model gives me. Last month, I had 77 stocks, which is way better. Most of the positions are small cap, so the effect of over diversification don't apply as much here.
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