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    Finally got my account setup for IB, but when I enter symbols into a page I don't get real-time quotes on these symbols. I noticed under Account Management there is a section for Market Data Subscriptions, however I don't see things such as AMEX, NASDAQ or TSE/TSX shown.

    I take it I have to subscribe to those markets (if they decide to show up under Account Management)? Seems strange as the other brokers I have been with always had free real-time quotes.
  2. There's a North American data option for stocks, options, and futures (if those are your markets).

    It's US$10 a month, unless you do over US$30 in commish, then it's free.
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    Under North America I have this listed:

    CBOT - Floor United States 55.00 USD
    CME - Floor United States 35.00 USD
    NASDAQ Level II United States 20.00 USD
    NYBOT - Floor United States 75.00 USD
    NYMEX - Floor United States 40.00 USD
    NYSE OpenBook United States 50.00 USD
    US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional - Level I (USD 10 if monthly commissions < USD 30) United States Free
    Montreal Exchange Non-professional - Level I Canada 6.00 CAD
    Montreal Exchange Non-professional - Level II Canada 9.00 CAD
    Toronto Stock Exchange Non-professional - Level I Canada 9.50 USD
    Toronto Stock Exchange Non-professional - Level II Canada 24.00 USD

    Am I looking for the US Securities and Commodities Bundle? Does that include NASDAQ and AMEX?
  4. That's the one I use. I get stocks, options, and futures prices.

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    Thanks much, I just subscribed to it and the quotes are streaming right in. Now to decide if I want to pay for the TSE/TSX quotes :)
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    You might want to review the fees section (among other things) on the website. IB's website is one of the most comprehensive I've seen, and worth spending some time on.

    The US Market bundle includes (at least), Naz, NYSE, AMEX, options exchanges, electronic markets from CME/CBOT/NYMEX. Basically, any of the US markets that you can't subscribe to individually (look at the list of exchanges and compare).
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    If you want level-II quotes, you can also get it for a fee at IB.
  8. Dear IB,
    I'd like to know why on earth there are no greeks, no option modeler, no analytics, no nothin' for sgxnk options: the data is essential, and right now I am forced to purchase strikes and exp. completely blind.
    I need those greeks!
    Can I have some feedback on the matter?
  9. Now I am confused, please help.

    If I sign up for an account with IB using my 2 member LLC for trading can I get free real time quotes from CME/Globex and CBOT ?

    Or am I going to pay the same exchange fees that I currently pay to E signal/Exchanges?

    What do they mean by US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional - Level I (USD 10 if monthly commissions < USD 30) ?

    The way I have read professional refers to someone whom is a broker, works for a public traded comp., not a 2 member LLC.

    All I want is real time data for CME and CBOT. I don't tade stocks just e minis and currency futures.

    Sorry if I am temporarily hijacking this thread, but this is a clear as mud after studying their website.

    Also what is the bundled cost for e mini S and P $4.80 or $3.20? I am sorry if these sound like dumb questions, but I am used to $$$ RT, that's it.
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    An LLC is not a natural person, and is therefore subject to pro market fees*: http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/fees/professionalDefinations.php?ib_entity=llc

    Your fees are in the last column in the table at http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/fees/marketData.php?ib_entity=llc

    The "US Securities & Commodities Bundle" is not available to pros. You have to pick the individual markets you need. If all you trade is GLOBEX/ECBOT futures contracts, you want "US Commodities", which is free if you have over $30 in commish that month, otherwise $10.

    This table might be easier to read if pro and non-pro were two separate tables, instead of all the "Not Applicable" entries.

    ES futures commission under the "bundled" pricing plan is $2.40 per side ($4.80 per round-trip).

    If you don't carry overnight, http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/fees/futuresPricing2.php?ib_entity=llc says that commissions under the "unbundled" pricing plan start at $2.36 per side for <=300 contracts (150 R/Ts) per month and get better as you do more volume.

    Full-size JPY contract (6J on GLOBEX) is $3.00 bundled or $2.82 max unbundled. Mini JPY (J7) is $2.11 bundled, $2.07 max unbundled.

    You want unbundled if you don't hold "overnight" much. If you do, you have to add in that $0.10/contract/night. I'm not sure if "overnight" means US calendar days (i.e. through 00:00 ET) or GLOBEX trade days (i.e. through 16:15 ET for the ES). Anyone?

    *Somewhere here, there's a thread about the loophole of being able to create an Advisor account as an individual and list the LLC as a client sub-account of it, paying non-pro fees for the Advisor account, since the (individual human) Advisor is the viewer of the market data.
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