IB market data question

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by shovel52, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. shovel52


    I have been following along in a trading room for a few months,
    I use my own charts using ts 2000i with the IB data feed , using the hyperserver software to convert the data. Friday I noticed
    that my charts are different from the moderator. trading the mini Dow. Apon asking why my charts would be different , using the same time frame, numerous traders responded that I was probably using overnight data. Is anyone familiar with this issue
    and would know how to get daytrading data, and not overnight data? if this is even the problem? I would appreciate the input!
    thanks John
  2. m_c_a98


    Make sure your Global Server "Sessions" settings for each security are the times you want to display and collect data for. Also make sure that your are showing "Local Time" or "exchange time" depending on what you want.