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  1. nassau


    Good Morning,

    Is anyone else finding that when they log in today they are receiving a message from IB stating

    the maximum number of tickers has been exceeded.
    there are some tickers for which market data will not be displayed

    This message was not present yesterday and I have reduced my pages last few days and all was working fine

    I have reduced my pages an additional 15-20percent and the message still shows with positions receiving no market data..

    I have rebooted several times to no avail.

  2. I haven't had any msgs this morning on system problems ,etc.
  3. Are you using any software that connects to IB for quotes or trading? If so, any subscriptions for quotes that the software makes also counts toward the max # of symbols allowed for your account. So, if your max is 100 and the software subscribes to 100 symbols, you aren't going to be able to get any quotes in TWS (just an example)
  4. nassau


    no additional software...i use esignal also for additional data but it is not connected to tws..
    this happened in the past and a few days later it worked okay..in the mean time I have no idea what certain bid/ask are for options and trades as the view account is late at updating..

    thanks for the reply

  5. JackR


    Were you receiving more than 100 quotes\indexes etc? IB adjusts the number of quotes you get every month. You always get 100 for the $10 fee. THe only way you get more is by increased commissions.

    Was your trading down last month? IB probably adjusted the max number you can receive. Suggest you go to their web site for details.

  6. nassau


    thanks Jack I will

  7. "Customers will receive an allocation of 100 real-time concurrent market data lines in the first month of trading at IB. After the first month, customers will receive a market data line for the current month for each $8 in commissions spent in the prior month with a minimum of at least 100 market data lines."


    If you search the tws log file (eg "log.Wed.txt") you will find a log entry like this:

    07:51:23:984 AWT-EventQueue-0: Max tickers is set to 189

    The maximum is calculated as described above. The value will remain constant during the calendar month, being based on the prior months commision totals.