IB market data for sierra chart?

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  1. Hello, is it true that ibs market realtime data are delayed? Does this refers also to the order entry window with bid/ask prices?
    Does it make more sense to subscribe to sc realtime service? But this costs an additonal fee of 35 $ + 10.5$ for exchange fees (+33$ sc basic fee)
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    No IB's market realtime data is just what the title says, in real time. It is not delayed at least when I was there. Now I don't know what Sierra Charts is doing with it to make you pay extra.
  3. But you get no level 2 with SC?
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    IB data is snapshot 10 or more times per second not every tick so your pc or their servers will not get overloaded during a fast market. It means you will be able to trade when others cannot at busy times.
  5. I am a little bit confused and do not know if i am right. Is it right that i won‘ t get Level 2 Data when subscribe to SC market Data?
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    IB data isn't so bad, its just that, as mentioned above, it is snapshots, and also the Bid/Ask volume is not correct, so you couldn't use studies that rely on this. In Sierra Charts, there is a setting to download accurate data every 5 seconds. Without this setting, sometimes the bars end up being a few ticks off. But with this setting, the data is very accurate. IB data does also have level 2, and they allow you to have level 2 for 3 different instruments. (I only have experience with futures)

    When you upgrade to SC data, its very good. In fact, when the data is reloaded, it matches up 99.99% to the data that comes in live. SC has also now increased the depth of level 2, and you get 30 levels of Bid and 30 levels of Ask on some instruments. Yes, 30 levels, whereas the usual is 10.

    IB data has also never once dropped out on me in fast moving markets. You read reports every now and then of people having dropouts, but I can say I never saw it with IB, even in fast moving markets, and even when the market hits the limit down like it has a couple of times over the past year.

    The IB data is very cheap, maybe around $10 from what I remember, but you can get this back if you have commissions. The Sierra data is $35 plus whatever markets you need data for, but for the CME package, its $5.25 I think, so works out to about $40. If this extra cost is worth it to you is an individual matter. But the IB data isn't bad at all, you have 10 levels of Bid and Ask for level 2, and is fairly accurate with the proper settings. The SC data is pretty much perfect and fairly cheap as well.
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    You're appearing more and more like a full-fledged idiot with your ancient knowledge of SC.

    SC offers their own feed, on par with IQF. It's been available for ABOUT 2 years.

    Stay up to date, ESPECIALLY with (trading) technology, or just STFU about things you know nothing about.
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    We are talking about IB's feed at SC. Obviously you don't read and can't read probably, idiots! Trolls are so annoying. Putting on Ignore.
  9. What i have understood, there is no Level 2 for stocks , neither with IB feed nor with their own data package. So no DOM Trading possible?
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