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    Does anyone who is having this problem trade any volume (50K shares or more a day), if so, I know of an LLC that will give you guys 10 times or more buying power intraday, depending on your capital. A lot of guys trade in it that are way underfunded (10K in capital) and they can pretty much do what they want throughout the day, but they are limited however on the overnights, which I guess was sort of the point of this thread.........but most of them don't hold positions anyways...... What's cool about the LLC model is that people who trade in it become Class B members and the people running the LLC pretty much determine verbally what your limits will be. We don't look at your current maintenance etc. , everything is based on your ability to stay within your parameters risk parameters based on your capital contribution. You've gotta be licensed though.
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    Right now my margin is at the good old 4 to 1 (before the open) - both initial and maintenance :confused: . Is anyone else back to 4 to 1? I wonder what's going on.
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    As soon as you add a new position you should see your Overnight Init and Overnight Maint appear.
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    Thanks, mskl.
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