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  1. Here is my IB statement:


    I am down around 12K in account. Still holding, just don't want to take a loss quite yet.

    But, I am not sure when I would get a margin call. Does someone from IB call me, to let me know that I need to put more money in or what?

  2. TGregg


    Does IB even do margin calls? Or do they just liquidate? I've always just figured they'd close positions - it's not like they are a full service broker or anything. . .
  3. Sharp


    IB will not give a margin call, they just liquidate the position.
  4. Eldredge


    They don't do margin calls, they just liquidate. I have frequently had liquidations at the end of the day when margin switches from 4x to 2x, but I have never had an intraday liquidation. I believe that if your account equity drops below the maintenance margin requirement (on the right side of your image), they will probably begin to liquidate 100 shares at a time. You can choose which positions you want liquidated first and last. Good luck.

    Also, if your SMA is below 0 from 3:50 to 4:00 they will liquidate enough to bring it positive.
  5. So, I guess they only start liquidating when the Available Balance is less than Maintenance Margin
  6. abogdan


    The liquidate within 30 min after you exceeded the margin
  7. Eldredge


    I think that's correct, but I can't speak from experience.
  8. Xenia


    Available Balance less Maintenance Margin = "Excess Liquidity"

  9. Steve_IB

    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    Your "Excess Liquidity" shows how far you are from a possible liquidation. (IB will not make a margin but will liquidate the required positions). Excess Liquidity is calculated by subtracting your maintenance margin requirement from your Net Liq. You also need to watch out for your SMA at the end of the day (15:50-16:00)
    Best to check our website for a full explanation, under Trading >> Margin >> Overview
  10. zdreg


    if i am 3:1 leverage intraday. allowable intrady is 4:1.

    at what time will liquidation take place to bring me down to 2:1.

    i assume fron the avove it is 3:50 to 4:00?

    which positions are liquidated first?
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