IB Margin Bond purchase/coupon

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  1. IB says you need to maintain 3% of face to purchase and keep a long bond position. Is this correct?

    If i am long a bond position on margin...do i keep the entire coupon payment or only the 3% of it?

    I know these are quite simple and basic questions, but the help would be appreciated.

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    3% * T-bill market value.
    10% * bond market value(investment grade)


    btw-long pretty much any bond on margin make no sense..you will receive full coupon payment
  3. Why does it not make sense?

    Thanks for the help.
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  5. USD 100,000 5.72% (BM + 1.5%) 5.22% (BM + 1%) 1,000,000 4.72% (BM + 0.5%) 3,000,000 4.47% (BM + 0.25%

    Are you trying to say that i will be charged this interest?

    If so, is the answer not simply purchase a bond that pays a higher coupon than your margin interest rate or get a lower interest rate by funding in a cheaper currency?

    I appreciate your input...thank you.
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    check your PM