IB Margin account crisis

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by trtiger7, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. trtiger7


    Helle everyone,
    I recently opened an account at IB but because of my current income level I just qualified for cash account. (no margin, no short selling) It takes three days to settle a trade and to clear your money for another trade, it's crazy!!!

    I have enough capital for daytrading. I'm obviously looking for an alternative.
    Do you guys have a recommendation, a broker that has decent technology, low commissions and margin account without making a big deal out of income issue for now. Any help appreciated.
  2. I understand if you don't want to share this info, but what is your income level? As far as I know you have to specify this right in the beginning of the singup process... I'm surprised that they didn't tell you that you didn't quality for a Reg T Margin account right in the beginning