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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gmst, Dec 14, 2012.

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    For index futures, RTH session runs upto 1615 EST. Why does IB enforce overnight maintenance margin at 1600 EST? Many a times, I want to continue holding positions till 1615, but IB's policy makes it impossible to hold the position to eod.

    Do other brokers like Advantage etc. also start overnight maintenance margin at 1600 EST?

    Do other traders also feel this hampers their trading? Is there a way we can collectively lobby with IB to extend their change in overnight margin time to 1615 EST?
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    We reserve 15 minutes to allow liquidation of non-compliant accounts.
  3. gmst


    First, thanks for responding.

    EDIT: Not sending a PM, rather typing it here.

    Getting maintenance margin till 1615 is very important for me. If I am willing to sign an agreement with IB that I will always "without fail" bring my margin to within overnight maintenance as stipulated by CME before 1615 EST, would IB will be willing to not liquidate my positions at 1600?

    I know I am not an institution and IB is not a prime broker, so maybe agreeing for such customization terms and conditions is not within your culture, but if this can be done - it will be extremely useful to me.

    In case you are not willing to do such a customization for a retail client, maybe you can extend this facility to all the customers and maybe institute a policy wherein if a customer doesn't comply with overnight maintenance margin by 1615 say 2 times in a year, you cut this privilege. Such a policy change will be extremely beneficial to a lot of your clients who would like to keep trades till eod.

    I hope you can kindly consider this request and let us know after discussing this within your organization.