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  1. hey all...i used to remember you could open the main IB TWS acct on one machine and the demo acct on another machine and run both but today when i logged onto one it blocked the datafeed to the other...have they changed something?
  2. Not sure about that but if you have an IB account, you can open a paper account for free and open both simultaneously. The paper account gives you the full functionality and is better than the demo account.
  3. thanks for the correction ...i did mean paper acct....i try to log into both on 2 seperate machines but only one datafeed seems to be allowed...it used to work in the past

    is there a new setting i need to play with?
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    what exactly do you mean by blocking data feed?
    if you receiving data to some third party application via API-i would suspect that the both TWS having same ports enabled for this purpose and that will certainly cause the conflict, when both TWS instances are running

    oops..edit- i did not realize that you trying to run them on separate PC's. in this case i would try to delete settings folder and start from scratch. another thing could be data lines limit. TWS has 100 data lines limit per account. maybe on real account(for example) you have exceed this limit(dunno if they apply this for both accounts together),but i notice that they did change their data subscriptions. use to be if i subscribe let's say to arcabook on one account and this account does have sub accounts-they all will receive this data. not any more. so-i would not be surprised,if 100 tickers limit applies to both paper and real account combined
  5. in the past i could open both my main TWS and paper trading TWS on 2 seperate machines and BOTH would receive real time data

    yday I opened both on 2 seperate machines with 2 seperate internet connections to test some internet issues i am having and only one would receive data...the other would stay open and running but the data is blocked/stopped (question marks)...it happens as soon as one is open or closed...

    maybe the fact that they are on 2 seperate internet connections?
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    should work just fine,but to double check this particular possibility you can connect both PC's to one source of internet and see,if that make any difference.i have exact same setup running right now and there no issues with data whatsoever. main account on one PC, paper account on separate PC as a data feed for corporate account.
    this paper account-is it belong to this particular main account that you are using? or maybe to some other account,where market data subscription is canceled?
  7. it looks like it has to do with the 2 seperate internet connections...i now have both systems connected to the same internet connection and both TWS's are receiving data...when i have one system on the broadband card one gets data blocked

    will check the 100tick limit
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    This is the result of a new rule that we have implemented at the behest of multiple exchanges. The production username and the associated paper username can no longer simultaneously receive production market data, unless both instances of TWS are running on the same physical machine.
  10. BOOH :confused:

    When was this great policy added? The historical data on my charting machine is all f--ked up because of this.
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